Town Town banner.
Image of cocktail in outdoor setting with the sun reflecting on it with Town logo. fried crab legs with fork dipping dipping it into butter. orange cocktail with lemon and green garnish present. fried crab legs with red sauce and vegetables.

Town's Chinese Cuisine that Excites and Delights.

Town, our mission is to bring quality, style and the wish for good fortune to all of our guests. We provide a high-end experience through Chinese cuisine. Here at Town, we promise to deliver an important part of Chinese Culture. Town takes pride in delivering traditional cuisine originating from diverse regions of China as well as Overseas. Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest in the entire world, reaching all the way back to the first millennia BC. It has managed to survive and evolve. Here at Town we promise to uphold the heritage and meet traditional standards.
Town combines a variety of chinese cuisine to excite and delight our customers. Here at Town, your experience is more than experiential. We aim to bring quality and luxury across all aspects of your experience. The approach of Town is to develop our brand with the understanding of both our culture and consumer insights. Within our vision always lives the promise of inspiring creativity, conversation and quality. Our audience is a high-end clientele who values a dining experience. Town brings fortune and cuisine from Chinatown to your Town. The symbol for fortune comes at the front end of our logo as we want all who enter our restaurant to be greeted with warm wishes during their stay. We welcome you to become a part of Town for not only the evening but for a lifetime of memories.

Brochure with menu and services. Border located at the bottom of page that depict wine glasses and colorful Chinese lamps.