back page of Amethyst magazine

The goal for this project was to illustrate a multipage magazine brochure exclusively designed to highlight an entire package dedicated to Amethyst Bay Resort & Spa.

first two pages of magazine

White space, Call-to-action captions and discount pricing are highlighted in red to emphasize important information.

middle pages of magazine

An image is worth a thousand words. Quality, resolution, and contrast are key attributes.

Images should be thoughtful and appropriate. My goal is to employ ethical principles across all platforms.

images of bed and breakfast

Visualizing vacation destination and amenities are key promotional pieces.

beach and water activities

Images should speak to you and allow the viewer to imagine the experience.

about services page

Wellness seems to be on mind of most lately. Promoting wellness sparks viewer interest.

wedding invitation and bride in purple gown.

Wedding Invitations

back page of Amethyst magazine

Bridal Shower Invitation

Music Talks With Children Magazine two-page layout

Children magazine front & back cover

Inside Pasta Amore tri-fold brochure

Outside Pasta Amore tri-fold brochure

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I created these pieces to demonstrate my ability to illustrate historical figures and make them relevant to current affairs today. Living in the age of conspiracy theories and economic downfalls both covers are relevant today. Captions illustrated on each cover embodies various fonts to provoke emotion and provide emphasis.

The use of red is to emphasize warning, passion, and danger. Grouping two different professional magazines that provide different context captures my ability to collaborate with different entities.