About Shelly!💛

I'm Shelly Robinson and I obtain a Bachelors degree in Social Work. In 2020 I decided to transition into graphic design and will be graduating from Southern New Hampshire Univeristy in the fall of 2022. While I love serving my community, I felt my art would assist with making the world a more beautiful place. I love all genres related to art. I paint, draw and love interior decorating. Exploring with colors, patterns, and planning space bring me so much joy. When I enter a room, I immediately process the layout and flow of things. Fashion, decorating and planning place are my forte. I simply love it. I have a very unique and creative style with an aim to be different.

I'm interested in both freelance and joining a team where I can utilize my skill set. I'm a hard worker and enjoy working with others. I believe my social work background will assit and contribute to any profession I choose to explore.


"Stepping into My Destiny"

I created these pieces to represent my personality, character, and my transition into the design world. I have always dreamed of being a mermaid. I think it derives from a yearning to know what lurks beneath the sea. I created the mermaid by stretching the eclipse shape in an effort to make it unique. I then used the direction tool to capture the shape.

The butterfly represents transformation and the shoes symbolize the mermaid's final transition. Each piece was filled using the same pattern and applying a clipping mask to provide unity. The pattern I chose to fill the pieces mimic seaweed or what lurks beneath the sea. Yet, they consist of bright and electrifying colors which I find complement my personality. I find that these pieces capture my originality and my ability to provide symbolic meaning and tell a story using images.

Designs with a twist!